Preclinical Research Comparing OASIS® Wound Matrix to ORC/Collagen (Regenerated Matrix)

The clinical significance of these data has not
been established


Study design1

The mouse subcutaneous implant method was used for the investigation of in vivo vascular and cellular infiltration.

  • SIS wound matrix and oxidized regenerated ORC sheets were made into discs that were then implanted subcutaneously into mice (10 SIS, 10 ORC, 2 implants per mouse). Samples were rehydrated before implantation
  • Vessel ingrowth was assessed at Day 21 after implantation using fluorescence microangiography and histology


Substantial vascular infiltration in an animal model

Results: When compared to ORC/collagen, the SIS environment of OASIS® Wound Matrix was associated with more blood vessel ingrowth in a murine model.1

  • OASIS® Wound Matrix revealed substantial blood vessel ingrowth1
  • In contrast, minimal blood vessel ingrowth was observed with ORC/collagen1

Substantial Angiogenesis: OASIS Wound Matrix - natural matrix and ORC/collagen regenerated matrix


Evident cellular infiltration in an animal model

Results: When compared with ORC/collagen, the OASIS® Wound Matrix histology demonstrated an association with more cellular infiltration in a murine model1

Evident Cellular Infiltration: OASIS Wound Matrix - natural matrix and ORC/collagen regenerated matrix

Hematoxylin- and eosin- (H&E) stained sections of SIS and ORC/collagen discs showed cellular infiltration 21 days after subcutaneous implantation into mice1



Reference: 1. Data on file. Cook Biotech, Inc.

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